Blackjack Online Games

From its inception in the 1700's blackjack has grown to be the most favored casino games over the years. As a result the game has seen various variants too that are equally popular. The rules were more or less the same with a few variants here and there but the main essence of the traditional games remained the same.

Blackjack is a game that can only be mastered with lots of practice and learning. You must master the basic rules and strategies to understand the game and excel in it and feel more comfortable while playing it. Remember one thing though; do not get awed by the irregularities in the variants of the games. Understand these differences so as to know how they influence the game's house edge and your scope of winning. Have a look at some popular variations to understand this better.

European Blackjack

This is a very captivating game and immensely popular too. Although the basic game rules are same the difference in European blackjack is that it has two decks of card each having 52 cards. It is a must for the dealer to stand on 17. The players may hit to nine cards in order to have a total of 11 cards.

Double Exposure

This is another popular version of blackjack and gives the players a better chance of winning. In this variant both the dealers' cards are in the open in front of the players. Las Vegas Strip and Spanish 21 are two very popular versions of this game.

Betting blackjack can vary from one casino to another and also from one country to another. Even the minimum limits may vary from one place to another. Hence for complete confidence while playing familiarize yourself with the rules.

Understanding the cards

The decks per shoe can vary from one casino to another and affect the game's odds too. Even the number of cards in a deck can influence the game odds greatly.

In Spanish 21 the decks don't have the 10's.

Card shuffling

Casinos pay special attention to card shuffling as it can greatly affect game odds for the players. Generally after each round the cards are shuffled as the higher the shuffling the lower is the scope of card counting. Many casinos in USA utilize shuffling machines for this purpose.