Slots Bonus Games

Slots are still among favorite casino games. Slots bonus games provide players with interesting features and bonuses, especially online slots that are rich in their slots bonus games. Almost every type of slots machines includes bonus game rounds to attract players and give them bigger chances on win.

Slots bonus games offer such bonuses as free spins rounds or extra win symbols etc. We'll have a look at the different bonus slots features and give you an overview on each bonus.

Bonus Feature

When you play slot machine - it may switch you to a different screen with a different set of rules. This is called a bonus game. However, you have to notice that it's not the same as extra free spins or something like that. When starting to play bonus game - remember that winning in bonus game will bring you some extra credits.

Free Spins

This feature is a well-known one. Players receive a bonus free spins for free to increase their chances on win. You will understand when the free spins feature is given to you - it is often supported by various sound effects or some flash lights. Once you get a free spins - you'll see a countdown of remaining spins. Some online slots machines provide free spins without need of being spun - they are automatic. You get a payout for every winning combination.

Gamble Feature

When playing video slots machine - players are usually been given an opportunity to select a card and guess its color or suit. Such gamble features offer a double payout if to guess correctly the color of the card. The payout is quadrupled if player guesses the suit. However, this feature is available only if you have made a winning slot combination.

Gamble feature is also available for fruit machines. It is simpler and requires guessing a number between 1 and 12. The payoff is the same as for traditional slots. If to guess correctly the player has a chance to play once more and to double its winnings.

All the described above features are usually given when a special bonus symbol has been fallen. At the pay table all the symbols are explained, so look carefully. In order to play a gamble feature - you need some credits.

Other Bonus Slots

Other bonuses are divided into categories:

  • Pick an item bonus - player has to select something in order to win extra prize.
  • Skill based bonus - here you need some strategies and learnt skills to hit moving objects etc.

All in all slots bonus games make your game more interesting and add some dimension to your game.