How to Play Slots

If you look for playing at slot machine then you can be rest assured that the basic elements of the game remain unchanged. Whether you are playing analog or electrical slot machines barring a few changes the basic elements are similar. Slot machines generally have 3 reels with symbols or numbers that are lined up in various combinations that decide your win. On an average a reel can be expected to have some 20 numbers or symbols.

When a player inserts his coins in the slot machine the reels start to spin and stop showcasing a particular combination of symbols and numbers. The money you win or lose depends on the money you put in the machine and the combination finally displayed.

A traditional slot machine has a set of levers, toggles and gears. The metal shaft supports the reels of the machine. This shaft is attached to the lever that initiates the spinning. It has a braking system to stop the spinning and display the final combination and sensors to communicate the combination to the payout of the machine. Every machine has a payout program that decides the money you win in every combination displayed. In electronic slot machines motors spin the reels but the payout is similar to an analog machine. Electronic machines are more stylish and have attractive sounds and lights other than a more professional payout system.

Playing slot machines deftly

Know the rules of the game before initiating playing. Read the instructions of the slot machine to understand the rules of the game. In case of any confusion go up to the attendant for clarification as you will not win any money even if you come up with the jackpot but do not match the minimum requirements of the game.

Progressive and straight slots

Slot machines can be progressive or straight. Progressive slot machines are more stylish, and every time a player deposits money in the machine his jackpot amount increases by a particular percentage. Casinos generally have these machines grouped together for a joint jackpot. The grouping may be around the casino or around the state too.

Generally a slot machine has 3 reels but in some cases my have 4-5 reels too. To determine the probability of winning the game you would have to take in consideration the number of reels along with the numbers per reel. The number of reels along with the numbers on each reel is inversely proportional to your chances of winning but then they carry a higher jackpot.

On average slot machines can be expected to pay between 83-98% of their previous games cash saved. Slot machines may have single pay lines or more too. The number of pay lines would decide the quantity of coins you would have to insert and as expected the higher the pay lines the higher is the jackpot.

Smaller winning amounts are dealt by the machine itself but bigger wins are paid by the casino. It is advisable to play progressive machines with the maximum permissible coins as it improves your chances of hitting a jackpot.