Online Casino Tips

Online casinos have witnessed an enormous growth since 1995. The superb services offered and the extravagant wins have shot some online casinos to great fame. But unfortunately some rotten apples have tarnished the image of the industry by fraudulent dealings and swindling.

The only solution for preventing innocent players from being cheated is to educate them on the dynamics of online casino and on ways and methods to avoid getting trapped. Sadly players understand this only after getting caught in a fraud and after losing their hard earned money.


Compared to real time casinos the experience of playing on online casinos is far superior; the software, graphics, sound etc that online casino offer is unmatched. Attractive prizes, bonus, promos make the whole experience magnificent.

However the online gambling industry is very clear about one thing, you yourself are responsible with what happens to your money. Whether you win or you lose you cannot at any point of time hold the online casino responsible for it. There are many deals and offers available to you. What you pick and choose is at your discretion. Explore the websites and take time in differentiating the genuine ones from the fraudulent ones.

Tips for playing online

An online casino can be an enriching experience provided you are well aware of the gaming rules and abide by them. On our website we are focusing primarily on poker, baccarat, blackjack and keno tips.

  1. Favor European Roulette against American Roulette as it has an extra "00" that gives it a double house edge.
  2. Don't rush; take time in selecting the online casino to avoid making blunders.
  3. Insurance bets on online blackjack are a big no. The odds for winning these bets are double of those on other bets and would be a pure waste of money.
  4. Don't play for too long; the longer your play lasts the higher are the chances of casino winning as it has a long term advantage.
  5. The online casino you pick should have a 24x7 customer support for any contingencies.
  6. Avoid keeping cards when you have a video poker hand which doesn't pay out.
  7. Keep your fundamentals on gambling straight; let it be a mode of entertainment and not your whole life.
  8. Plan a budget and abide by it.
  9. No matter how you play the game and its odds remain the same.
  10. If you win keep it aside and don't gamble it away.