Online Beginner's Guide

This site will provide you adequate information about online casinos It would also enlighten you about the advantages and also the main differences of playing online casinos compared to land based casinos.

What about selecting one of fifteen special porker machines which offer nine different coin variations? It makes low bets up to $1 on one zero roulette wheel. You play on a slot machine which pays 97% to 99%. With a click of mouse you would find yourself in very realistic situation on entering online casino.

Need Tips to Play?

If this is your first opportunity to play at online casino follow the following tips for an enjoyable experience without any problems on starting the game.

  1. Visit to explore what the casino is offering. Check whether downloadable software is compatible. Are they offering customer support program twenty four hours a day. Do they offer variety of games that are to your liking? What are the incentives and bonuses available to first timers?
  2. Having selected the online casino, load the offered free software package. On home page locate the icon that reads 'download now' or 'download'. Click it and then follow the simple steps. The download icon can also be clicked besides online casino summary at homepage of the website. This will produce the same result.
  3. Having completed the process, you should see that casino icon is on the desktop. Just click the icon and that would take you to casino directly. On completion, you would be ready to start. You should than register your account with online casino.
  4. On clicking your desktop icon for the first time, popup windows would appear, requesting you to complete registration. It is essential that you fill registration form correctly and honestly. This will ensure correct remittance of payment. Create pass world and user name which will ensure that only you would be able to access your account.
  5. Having got registered, log on to casino. When you log on first time another popup screen will appear. It will enquire if you wish to purchase chips; In case you are planning playing on 'real money' this step is essential. Popup screen may not appear in few cases. That should not bother you. Just look for icon saying 'cashier' or 'bank'. You click on this. It would take you to same place. Now chase payment option i.e. credit card, wire transfer, citadel N E Teller etc. Various payment options are available in online casino banking. If you are not sure about correct payment option, online casino can be approached for assistance.
  6. After registering, signing in and opening your bankroll, only one thing is required to be done. Select favorite game and start playing. Customer support should be contacted if you face any difficulty.