1. It is possible to have only one promotion for individuals, family, email address, household tackle, credit card number or the shared of computer places like library, workplace, university or school or fraternity.
  2. To download this software you will not be permitted to have one more tome though you are paying twice.
  3. To have any promotional point you have to wait for any business day and the promotional points will be preferred by your credit card. The promotion what will gain by you then promotion will include in to your credit card on the following month or on a business day very soon.
  4. If you want to download any gambling software from this website then you have to spend some cash for this and you will be able to play through without any real cash betting if you wish because they have two versions of this software one is for trail and the second is for cash betting game.
  5. This software is controlled by the owner of this website so he or she can refuse any promotion if he or she wishes but there is no restriction to abusing in this game.
  6. You will only be able to get the bonus points if you deposit $100 or the cash of $1000 otherwise they will not let you to have the bonus points. You should consider this promotional permission because you should depend on the depositing system if you are going to have the bonus points and while you want to withdraw your winning cash you should wait for a business day.
  7. This casino is offering you the sign up bonus but if you want to have more and more bonus then you should deposit the minimum cash for the several bonuses. There is no way to have the free bonus.
  8. They are really offering you have the bonus for several depositing and you can do that without any risk.
  9. You should need to have one of the credit cards to withdraw your winning cash of deposit any amount of cash.

Final word of this agreement

You should obey above of these agreements if you want to continue play through The Site. For the bonus point and the withdrawal matter you should consider their rules and regulations. You must deposit through the credit card and you can only have one promotion for one time deposit and if you want to have more than one time promotions then you have to deposit for several times.