Online Roulette Strategies

If you consider online roulette for Swedish players to be a game of luck then it would very difficult for you to devise a strategy to help you win. Players of online keno and slot machines have surrendered their fate this idea as the winning is dependant on to random number generators.

However, Roulette players have some relief as they can by some means roughly figure up their odds of winning a certain outcome. You may come across many Roulette systems that claim to know the way to success but do not have a proven track record.

It is worthwhile to study why these Roulette strategies do not work after all. Have a look at some popular Roulette strategies:


This functions on the rule of negative progression. This says that when you lose a bet you should double up your next bet. The logic is to recover the previous losses and make profit when you do finally win.

The catch is say you bet $1 and you lost 10 times you ended up squandering $2,047 just to recover $1 which certainly does not sound very wise. The odds when calculated are 613:1; hence although low a mere possibility is there.

Chances of this strategy not working are possible as many online and land casinos have a ceiling on the maximum permissible bet too. So after a few attempts you would be forced to discontinue your strategy anyways.

D'Alembert System

This strategy says to augment your bets by smaller margin when you suffer losses and subtract the same amount from the bet on winning. This strategy reduces the valuation of your bet as it functions on linear progression and not exponential progression. However, all said and done there is no guarantee this strategy would work too.

Every spin of the wheel refreshes the Roulette probabilities hence there is no clear cut strategy that would work in any situation. It is a case of luck that a player may earn good amounts or may just lose large amounts.

Tips for playing Roulette

  1. European Roulette has a better probability of winning thanks to its single 0 and nearly all casinos have it.
  2. Casino's with "En Prison" or "surrender" option help reducing your losses if your spin shows a 0.
  3. Preferably choose even money selections for betting.
  4. Don't bet all your money on one "lucky" number as it may spell doomsday for you too.
  5. Budget your money that you can manage to gamble. Don't dip into your savings and put yourself in a financial jeopardy.